Editor-in-chief Says:

Frankly speaking, this is not a news paper of class but for masses. Simply we wish to become mouthpiece of poor and deprived people through our free and fearless journalism. This is million dollar question before us to who will represent the genuine issues of these oppressed class who have neither money nor administrative approaches to influence the bullies of society. In order to live up with our sole commitment to readers, we will put our sensible energy for their grievances and rightful livelihood.

Since people have great expectations from media at the time when all the governing machinery getting failed to provide justice to them, we keep their hope alive with our rational articles, news items and columns. Their genuine demands at one point might be darkened but we never betray their ultimate aspirations which come from media at a large.

There is no dearth of magazines, news paper and TV news channels in the country but what is the valid reason about the emergence of our national hindi daily Ujjawal Duniya. The answer is very simple. We have launched this news paper, keeping in mind to work as catalyst in the existing system and prove voice of the oppressed people. This is all about Ujjawal Duniya.

Editor says:

Being a journalist it is always become a challenge to launch a news paper and sustain in the market. Irrespective to managerial aptitude it requires volume of funds to compete with existing newspapers and other formats of print and electronic media in the country. We are small entity to counter with those big challenges but as a simple craft man of this field have audacity to drive this boat consistently in the right direction and up to cherished mark of destination.

The content and factual power remains the soul of any news paper and we also committed to follow this magical rule in bringing out truth before the readers. Time and again it has been established that people still rely on the print matter rather to motivate from the fast tracking visuals of TV news channels. Undoubtedly no one can deny the presence of a news paper and its authentication but dark side of this glorious profession, which is widely discussed, is fabrication and advocacies of certain ideology for the petty gains. Fairly enough we profess what we are talking about, that is justice and equality to the deprived section of the society.

So far it seems distant dream to sort out all the socio-economic disparities in a day but we are sincere towards such problems and ready to raise popular issues in the different forums which largely responsible for the crisis. Hope traumatic situations of the society could be changed through our repeated presentation with various write-up and columns.


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